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Best Working Actors: Robert Downey Jr.









Robert Downey Jr.

Essential Filmography: Chaplin (1992), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), Tropic Thunder (2008), Zodiac (2007)

Underappreciated Work: Wonderboys (2000)

Despite his personal issues over the past twenty years, Robert Downey Jr.’s unlikely longevity has given him the chance to tackle just about every film genre over the course of his career. Period pieces (Restoration), romantic comedies (Only You), and superhero movies (Iron Man) all went down easy thanks to his quirkily suave style. He may have flubbed his early career and made more than his share of dud films since, but it feels like Downey’s done a lot of his best work yet in the last five years. He gave a fan-favourite performance in 2005’s hillarious Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, earned his second Oscar nomination for Tropic Thunder. Having reinvented himself as a bankable box office star, it’s exciting to think that the peak of Downey’s diverse career might still be ahead of him.