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31 New Releases to Watch in July

A lot of new movies come out each year, but how many do we actually watch? The big blockbusters tend to take all of the attention, but there are so many good indies out there that it’s impossible to keep up with them all. In line with that, here’s one new release (big and small alike) for every day in July, as well as a one-sentence summary of why each might be worth your time.

Rogue Nation

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation


Ant-Man – Because even without Edgar Wright on board, the idea of Paul Rudd playing a superhero is too fun to resist.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – Because Ghost Protocol was so damn good that it gave me (possibly misplaced) hope that this one will be, too.

Terminator Genysis – Because even though it looks sort of awful, I’ll probably watch it anyways.



Major Releases

Magic Mike XXL – Because, good lord, this looks absolutely ridiculous and like it’ll probably also be a lot of fun.

Paper Towns – Because John Green adaptations are here to stay, and this one looks like it could be charming, coming-of-age fun.

Self/Less – Because even if this Ryan Reynolds vehicle is terrible (which is quite possible) it’s directed by Tarsem Singh, which means it’ll still be pretty to look at.

Southpaw – Because who can turn down an opportunity to watch Jake Gyllenhaal punish himself on screen?

Trainwreck – Because it’s about time Amy Schumer and Bill Hader got their own movie, and the trailer looks completely delightful.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Mid-Size Releases

Boulevard – Because this Dito Montiel-directed drama is Robin Williams’ final live-action role and he’s apparently excellent in it.

The End of the Tour – Because, based on the trailer, this fictionalized story of David Foster Wallace looks like it both does its subject proud and manages to be narratively and thematically rich.

Irrational Man – Because Woody Allen movies are always worth watching, even when they’re not good.

Jimmy’s Hall – Because Ken Loach movies are always worth watching and are always good.

The Stanford Prison Experiment – Because if you don’t want to see Ezra Miller, Michael Angarano, James Frecheville, and a bunch of other great young actors sport ‘70s-era hair and moustaches, you’re CRAZY.

Strangerland – Because I feel like I know exactly what this movie will be like, and sometimes that’s okay.

Two Step

Two Step

Teeny Tiny Indies

Meet Me in Montenegro – Because this looks like a quiet and lovely little international drama from the director of In Search of a Midnight Kiss.

Safelight – Because Juno Temple and Evan Peters are charismatic and quirky in a non-annoying way, so the idea of them playing a roadtripping couple here is appealing.

Tangerine – Because it’s the “iPhone movie” from Sundance!

Two Step – Because this stylish, creepy-sounding thriller got good notices at SXSW.

Unexpected – Because if Joe Swanberg releasing twelve movies a year wasn’t enough, now his wife is at it, too.

10,000 KM

10,000 KM

Foreign Language

10,000 KM – Because this Spanish relationship drama (starring Harry Potter’s Natalie Tena) sounds like an interesting meditation on technology.

Ardor – Because Gael Garcia Bernal always picks interesting movies (when he’s not working in Hollywood).

Phoenix – Because the last time German director Christian Petzold teamed up with Nina Hoss and Ronald Zehrfeld (on 2013’s Barbara) very good things happened, and it sounds like Phoenix is even better.

Samba – Because I’d watch Charlotte Gainsbourg and Tahar Rahim in anything, so it’s an added bonus that Samba also happens to look like a good movie.

Stations of the Cross – Because this German movie about religion won the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival last year.

Cartel Land

Cartel Land


Amy – Because this intimate-looking doc aims to show you Amy Winehouse’s life beyond the incessant, destructive tabloid coverage.

Best of Enemies – Because this Vidal/Buckley doc made big waves at Sundance.

Cartel Land – Because this acclaimed doc shines a light on the issue of drug cartels in Mexico and the resulting tensions with the U.S.

I am Chris Farley – Because why shouldn’t there be a documentary about Chris Farley?

Listen to Me Marlon – Because this highly personal doc is narrated by Marlon Brando’s collection of his own audio recordings

The Look of Silence – Because it’s the follow up from Joshua Oppenheimer to 2013’s The Act of Killing.

Stray Dog – Because we’ve all been waiting for Debra Granik’s follow-up to Winter’s Bone, and even though most of us were probably not expecting her to make a documentary next, I’ll take it.