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Trailer Alert: The Killer Inside Me (2010)

Misogynists and Casey Affleck fans (I am of the second group) rejoice! The first official trailer for the already infamously brutal The Killer Inside Me has hit the internet. Director Michael Winterbottom (A Mighty Heart, 24 Hour Party People) has teamed with Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba, and Kate Hudson for this story about a homicidal sheriff. Click here to watch the trailer now.

I am a bit weary of the explicit violence that this movie had audiences walking out of its Sundance screening, but this trailer is gorgeous (and surprisingly non-violent). And is that Liam Aiken (Klaus in A Series of Unfortunate Events) I spy talking to Affleck in the trailer? What a welcome sight. As for the leads, I could take or leave Alba and Hudson, but it sure is nice to hear Affleck’s patently scratchy voice again. Why is it that all of my favourite actors (Affleck, Ryan Gosling, Daniel-Day Lewis) seem to be working at a rate of one movie per two or three years?