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2012 Golden Globe Nominations: Almost like a real, classy awards show.

The 2012 Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning, and, as always, there were a few surprises in the list of nominees. My five biggest surprises:

  1. The quality of the nominees. No Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary, no Julia Roberts in Larry Crowne. Has the Hollywood Foreign Press finally dropped their star-worshipping tendencies? Maybe they couldn’t take all the flak they got last year with the now-infamous multiple nominations for The
    Tourist. Or maybe there were just better films to fill the Comedy categories this year. Either way, this is a really deserving group of nominees, overall.
  2. The Ides of March for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor. Clooney’s pic has received no love this awards season, yet the Hollywood Foreign Press recognized the film, Clooney’s direction, and its leading actor. Perhaps this is where the HFPA’s penchant for superstars comes into play. I would’ve thought that Clooney in Best Supporting Actor would have been its best chances at the Globes, but clearly the HFPA isn’t messing around. Also, what does this mean for Ryan Gosling? I had predicted him for Drive and Crazy Stupid Love (which he also got a nomination for), and this just proves that Gosling is all over this awards season, yet probably won’t be nominated for an Oscar.
  3. Viggo Mortensen for Best Supporting Actor. A Dangerous Method is another film that’s been ignored by the awards groups so far. If anything, I would’ve thought that the film’s leading lady, Keira Knightley, would have been recognized by the Globes, rather than the less-famous Mortensen in the already packed supporting category.
  4. No Melissa McCarthy. I thought that this was the one awards group that would definitely recognize McCarthy, but she was completely snubbed in the Best Supporting Actress category (but somehow got a SAG and Critics Choice nomination!) I still think she’ll be nominated for an Oscar, but this definitely made the Best Supporting Actress race a little more complicated (which is fun).
  5. Both Carnage ladies in Comedy Actress. Maybe I should have seen this coming, since Winslet and Foster and both big stars, but I wasn’t expected them both to get in. Along with Theron, Wiig, and Williams, this is a really strong category.