Trailer Round-Up: Sci-Fi Explosions Edition

Well, it was a big week if you like movies about post-apocalyptic worlds and space and stuff. Here’s a peek at four high-profile sci-fi blockbuster trailers that dropped in the past few days.


Wait…This actually looks…quite good? See, the concept of Aaron Johnson starring in yet another Godzilla movie wasn’t very appealing to me. But I probably should have paid attention to the fact that the cast also includes Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche (!), Sally Hawkins, Ken Watanabe, and David Straithairn. I realize that even respected actors need paychecks and that their presence isn’t an automatic sign of quality. But that’s a lot of good actors. I’d also either forgotten or never known that the movie is directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters), and it looks like he’s bringing lots of mood and even some personality to a pretty tired premise.

Maybe this is an example of a craftily edited trailer designed to make its mediocre movie look good. I mean, I always think the trailers for the Transformers franchise look good, and then the movies themselves turn out to be garbage. But I do actually now have hope that Godzilla will be good. But even if it isn’t, this should stand alone as a really fantastic trailer. I like that it opens with the unbroken scene of the skydive before transitioning into more “standard” sci-fi footage. It’s exciting, it manages to quickly get you invested in the characters, and it doesn’t give too much away.


I mean…it’s okay. It doesn’t really show much of the movie, but that’s kind of the point of a teaser, right? But I just feel like other movies have done the same “cryptic teaser” thing a bit better, such as Super 8 or, well, Inception. For me, the stock footage used here didn’t really evoke too many emotions. McConaughey’s voiceover narration doesn’t mean all that much when you have no context to put it in. Things did pick up when they actually showed McConaughey at the end, though, and I’m definitely intrigued. You certainly couldn’t accuse this trailer of giving too much away, and it does successfully raise lots of questions about what’s to come.

Jupiter Ascending

Ummmm not sure about this one. Is it me, or do Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis seem like really strange choices for the leads in a sci-fi movie like this? Both are effective in certain roles, but I don’t feel like either one seems very comfortable here. (And what on earth is going on with Channing’s look in this movie?) I will give the casting agent props for picking Eddie Redmayne to play a weird alien cyborg, though. But the whole thing just looks overblown and, well, a bit silly. I loved Cloud Atlas, and it seems like they’re going for a similar thing here, but it kind of looks more like it’ll be a mashup of that along with every other movie the Wachowski’s have made…which probably isn’t a good thing.

Edge of Tomorrow

First off, awful title. And while this looks like a competently made movie and I like Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, this trailer just didn’t have anything to draw me in. It looks like we’re just going through Oblivion or Elysium again. They’re really selling the romance aspect, too, which might contribute to the blandness. I don’t know, maybe I’ve just reached my Cruise/sci-fi quota. Or maybe I’m just now unfairly comparing every vehicle he gets to War of the Worlds (which I seem to be in the minority of loving). I mean, Jupiter Ascending looks like a mess, but it seems like there’s enough bizarre stuff going on that it could be interesting, even if it’s not necessarily good. This one just looks like a lifeless snooze.


2 responses to “Trailer Round-Up: Sci-Fi Explosions Edition

  1. Good round-up! I too was surprised by how good the Godzilla movie was and that this may actually turn out to be an interesting movie. I actually didn’t realize it was a trailer for the Godzilla movie until I saw a clip of Bryan Cranston and thought, wait, isn’t he going to be in the new Godzilla movie? 😉

  2. Oops — meant to say “how good the Godzilla movie trailer was”

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