Oscar Predictions 2012: Best Director

Last Updated: January 22, 2012 (FINAL PREDICTIONS)

Red = virtually guaranteed a nomination

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1. The Artist

2. Hugo

3. The Descendants

4. War Horse

5. Midnight in Paris

Michael Hazanavicius

Martin Scorsese

Alexander Payne

Stephen Spielberg

Woody Allen

He may not be a well-known director in North America, but a lot of credit will go to the director for The Artist‘s style and crowd-pleasing results.

For its visual scope alone, Hugo is quite an achievement. With a probable BP nom and such a respected director at its helm, it seems like a likely pick in this category.

The Descendants isn’t as visually showy, but there is probably still enough there to earn Payne another Best Director nomination.

Spielberg’s last Director nom was for Letters from Iwo Jima, and this could easily be the film that gets him back in contention. He’s certainly trying.

He’s already got a DGA and Globe nomination, and people love him and his film.


Other Possibilities

Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life), Bennett Miller (Moneyball) David Fincher (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), Tate Taylor (The Help)

Past Predictions

December: 1. Hazanavicius, 2. Spielberg, 3. Payne, 4. Scorsese, 5. Miller

November: Daldry, Hazanavicius, Spielberg, Fincher, Payne

October: Daldry, Fincher, Hazanavicius, Payne, Spielberg

September: Daldry, Fincher, Hazanavicius, Payne, Spielberg

August: Cronenberg, Eastwood, Fincher, Reitman, Spielberg

July: Cronenberg, Eastwood, Fincher, Reitman, Spielberg

June: Cronenberg, Eastwood, Fincher, Reitman, Spielberg

May: Cronenberg, Eastwood, Fincher, Malick, Spielberg

March: Cronenberg, Fincher, Malick, Scorsese, Spielberg


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2 responses to “Oscar Predictions 2012: Best Director

  1. Spielberg didn’t direct “Letters From Iwo Jima”, Eastwood did. He was one of the producers. Spielberg’s last director nom was for “Munich” (’05). As for Miller, he is the classic example of a director being frozen out of a best director nom even though its because of him that the movie even works. The nom will go to Malick before it will go to Miller.

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