Oscar Nominations Tomorrow! (Plus Final Predictions)

We all know what tomorrow is… And considering I have been covering the Oscar race for months, I’m a bit excited. The fifth spot in all of the acting categories are still pretty much up for grabs (Duvall vs. Gosling is torturing me… I keep flipping back and forth), so we’re going to see some surprises no matter who gets nominated. This race has been much more interesting than last year’s, to me.

I’ve also seen a fair number of the big movies in contention. I just saw Black Swan tonight. HOLY. SHIT. I’m still processing it (and it kind of freaked the crap out of me), but I think I loved it. I also saw The King’s Speech recently, and Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush (who I for some reason was not expecting to like that much in it) were SO good. Still need to see The Fighter, 127 Hours, Blue Valentine, Winter’s Bone, Rabbit Hole, and a few others, but I like what I’ve seen so far (except for True Grit, which, though I liked it, underwhelmed me a bit).

I’ve done some last-minute updates to my predictions (including updated Critics charts), so head on over to my Oscar predictions page to see my final guesses! See you back here tomorrow for discussion of the nominations (it’s one of the few things that can get my up so early in the morning…at least I live on the east coast.)

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