Pierce Brosnan x4 in 2010

I don’t even like Pierce Brosnan. So how did I end up seeing all four of his movies that he released in 2010 (and subsequently writing a blog entry about it)? But nonetheless, he did make four rather diverse films this year that I watched for entirely non-Brosnon-related reasons, so I figured that I might as well give a rundown of my thoughts on his performance in each.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief

Released: February 2

This was a throwaway role for Brosnan. His role is small, and he seems to be phoning it in for the entirety of his miniscule screentime. I kind of enjoyed this film (though considerably less so the second time around), but it was certainly not because we got to see Brosnan with horse legs.

Remember Me

Released: March 12

The movie was fairly dreadful, and Brosnan was in full-out growl mode here. But that said, I admit that he had good onscreen chemistry with Robert Pattinson. Pattinson’s acting was iffy all around, but unexpectedly, I think Brosnan brought out the best in him. They’re both exasperatingly self-conscious actors, but it worked weirdly and wonderfully in the ridiculous scene where Pattinson confronts Brosnan at his office. It’s one of the few memorable moments from this movie (aside from the mindfuck of an ending).

The Greatest

Released: April 2

If Brosnan sleepwalked through Percy Jackson, he did the complete opposite here. It’s obvious that he really wanted to give a good performance. And, boy, does he go for it. He cries! He yells! He flails around in the ocean! And at times, he’s pretty good. Unfortunately, at other times, he’s god awful. It’s an intermittently affecting movie (thanks largely to a refreshingly natural supporting turn from Johnny Simmons as the grieving brother), but Brosnan is always in ACTING mode. Distracting, to say the least.

The Ghost Writer

Released: March 19

Definitely his best performance of the year. He plays the cowardly cad well. At times, he actually seems to forget that he’s on camera, which is basically unheard of for Brosnan. He still aggravated me at times, but for him, it was a very dialled-down turn.

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