Interweb Must-Watch: Everything Chris Klein Says in “The Legend of Chun Li”

Chris Klein is an actor that I will probably always inexplicably defend. I don’t know what it is about the guy, but I find him to be a weirdly appealing on-screen presence.

I legitimately enjoyed his performances in Election and The United States of Leland (especially the latter, where he gave a surprisingly effective dramatic turn). Yes, his filmography has more than its fair share of stinkers, especially recently, but I’ve always kind of been pulling for him to make a comeback.

His recent DUI arrest and admission to rehab has obviously slowed him down, but things seemed to be looking up (in a bizarre way) with the viral leak of his supposedly legit Mama Mia! audition tape (which had the car-wreck watchability of a particularly uncomfortable American Idol audition). He followed this up nicely with self-parody video, Chris Klein: More Leaked Auditions.

Now, someone has geniusly compiled every cringe-inducing line of dialogue that Klein delivered in 2009’s infamously panned Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun
Li into one video. If you’ve been curious about the film but unwilling to sit through the whole thing (like me), this video allows you to experience every line of dialogue that Klein utters in under two minutes.

I think that this is one of the few performances that doesn’t need context to be appreciated.

I have to give Klein credit, though. He seems to be more than embracing the campiness of the script (or, at least, I’m assuming that he’s in on the joke. If this is an earnest performance, then that’s another story…)

You can watch the video here, and I recommend that you do. It’s glorious. My favourite moments are anything that involves him saying “Shadaloo”.


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