Reviewing My “Most Anticipated Movies of 2009”: How’d They Turn Out?

Last year in late August, I counted down my 10 most anticipated films for the rest of the year. Looking back, it seems like a very strange list. In preparation for a similar list I’ll be making for this year, let’s take a quick look back at how those films turned out:

Nine – A dull waste of a great cast (5/10)

Taking Woodstock – Despite the lukewarm reviews, I actually enjoyed this movie quite a bit. A bit long and unfocussed, though (7/10)

Where the Wild Things Are – The opening fifteen minutes are magical, the rest is very good (8/10)

Sherlock Holmes – Enjoyable performances from Downey and Law, otherwise forgettable but well-made (6/10)

Whip It – Mediocre direction from Barrymore, but it’s a nice little film with a good spirit (6/10)

Fame – Not seen due to critical panning

Brothers – A very underrated and powerful film from ’09. Gyllenhaal is amazing (8/10)

The Road – Not seen due to me losing all interest in it

The Lovely Bones – Visually appealing, but the narrative is a choppy mess. Wahlberg, Ronan, and Tucci are great (5/10)

Love Happens – Not seen due to me being insane for putting it on this list in the first place.


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