Too Much Andrew Garfield? Never.

Well, this is my second Andrew Garfield-related post in less than 24 hours, but I feel obligated to share a couple of photos of Garfield from the Spider-Man casting announcement yesterday (more can be found over at /Film). The press conference took place in Cancun, and apparently Garfield had only been informed of the casting decision thirty minutes before being trotted out to pose for reporters. Also, check out video here of the casting announcement. The highlight is easily a stunned Garfield rehearsing a jovial “Hey, guys. How’s it going?” over and over.

All this attention for Garfield is a bit strange (and I can only imagine how HE feels), but certainly exciting (even if it’s mostly people going “Who’s that?”), and the more I see about the casting, the more interested I am about it.


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