Andrew Garfield to Play Spider-Man

Casting rumours for the Spider-Man reboot have been swirling for what feels like forever. We’ve heard Logan Lerman, Jamie Bell, and (just yesterday) Josh Hutcherson tentatively tied to the Peter Parker role. Aaron Johnson, Anton Yelchin, and Frank Dillane have also been mentioned frequently in discussion. But one of the other potential Spideys, Andrew Garfield, has officially been hired. /Film, Hollywood News and IMDB all say that it’s a done deal, so I guess we’ll have to assume that the casting saga has finally come to an end. The Spider-Man reboot will be helmed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer), and the film is set to hit screens in 3D in July of 2012.

Now for the editorial portion.

I don’t know how I feel about this. I take every opportunity possible to sing the praises of Andrew Garfield. He was amazing in Boy A, understatedly wonderful as a robot in Spike Jonze’s short, I’m Here, and so charming opposite Heath Ledger in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. He’ll also be appearing in two highly-anticipated films later this year –Never Let Me Go and David Fincher’s The Social Network. Part of me is excited that one of my favourite actors is getting this kind of attention (it’s cool to see him on the front page of IMDB). But the other part of me doesn’t really need to see a new Spider-Man franchise, and would kind of like Andrew Garfield to keep making smaller, more challenging films. I guess a lot of people want to keep their favourite little-known actors and bands a secret, as contradictory and ridiculous as it all seems.

And isn’t this reboot supposed to be following Peter Parker through high school? Garfield turns 27 this August. I kind of would’ve preferred Logan Lerman or Aaron Johnson in the role based on age alone, but I’m sure Garfield will bring all of his charm, wit, and acting chops to even the most high-profile roles Hollywood has to offer.

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