Ridiculously Early Predictions for the 2011 Oscars

It’s ridiculous to try and predict the Oscars a year in advance. Last year’s frontrunners at this time seemed to be Nine, The Lovely Bones, and Hilary Swank in Amelia. And look at how that turned out. But I’m going to attempt to do the impossible. These predictions will probably begin to look really stupid very quickly, but I’ll leave them up anyways, since it’ll be fun(ny) to look back on. Some of these films will inevitably tank, and new favourites will emerge out of nowhere (I hadn’t even heard of Crazy Heart until last fall, for example), but I’ll be happy if I even get a couple of these right.


Directly below are my unaltered predictions from March for posterity’s sake, but please be sure to look for my updated picks (along with commentary) over at my new predictions page here.)********************************************************

Best Picture

The American

Black Swan

The Fighter



Love and Other Drugs

Never Let Me Go

The Social Network


The Tree of Life

Best Director

Anton Corbijn – The American

Clint Eastwood – Hereafter

Terrence Mallick – The Tree of Life

Christopher Nolan – Inception

David O. Russell – The Fighter

Best Actor

Matt Damon – Hereafter

Robert Duvall – Get Low

Aaron Eckhart – Rabbit Hole

Colin Firth – The King’s Speech

Ryan Gosling – Blue Valentine

Best Actress

Annette Bening – The Kids Are Alright

Anne Hathaway – Love and Other Drugs

Nicole Kidman – Rabbit Hole

Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Michelle Williams – Blue Valentine

Best Supporting Actor

Christian Bale – The Fighter

Josh Brolin – True Grit

Ed Harris – The Way Back

Andrew Garfield – Never Let Me Go

Sean Penn – The Tree of Life

Best Supporting Actress

Amy Adams – The Fighter

Elle Fanning – Somewhere

Bryce Dallas Howard – Hereafter

Helen Mirren – Brighton Rock

Julianne Moore – The Kids Are Alright

4 responses to “Ridiculously Early Predictions for the 2011 Oscars

  1. I think that it would be amazing if Anne Hathaway took home Best Actress, especially since she’s so incredibly young. I personally believe that Michelle Williams is a horrible actress. I would love if Christian Bale won Best Supporting Actor. He’s very talented. However, I would prefer Ed Harris winning. He’s getting older, is a brilliant actor, and his role in, “The Way Back” seems very interesting. Sean Penn is my third favorite actor (after Denzel Washington and Daniel-Day Lewis), but he already has two Oscars under his belt. In addition, I think I would feel bad for Dakota Fanning if Elle Fanning gets nominatd, because Dakota has never been nominated herself. I would love it if Bryce Dallas Howard won. I love when a talented newcomer surprises everyone by winning an Oscar!!!

    • Thanks for the comment!

      I also like when newcomers come from nowhere and take the Oscar. I’m guessing there will be some unlikely nominations this year that aren’t even on anyone’s radar yet.

      I totally agree about Ed Harris, and I think he has a decent shot at winning tis year. He’s great, and I think that the voters might see him as being “overdue” to win.

  2. Here’s my wild card guess: Toy Story 3 is the first animated feature to win Best Picture.

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