Let’s Give This Another Try.

Previous blogs of mine have fallen by the wayside (sometimes before I get to the second post), but I’m determined to keep this one going. I figured that I’d try a new blog provider…because it must be the blog’s fault that I have poor self-discipline, right? WordPress looks fancy and fun so far, so maybe the novelty of it all will keep me interested.

Summer’s in full swing by now, and I’m enjoying the time off from school. I’m starting at university this fall, so I’m both a bit nervous and excited for the change. But for now, I’m just trying to focus on relaxing and enjoying the free time.

Music will likely be a big part of this blog, so I’ve assembled a little playlist of some songs I’ve been listening to a lot recently. Hopefully it’ll give you a peek into my music taste. I love rock music (mainly of the alternative and indie persuasion), and I’m always open to trying to styles and artists.


Summer ’09 Playlist

“No You Girls” – Franz Ferdinand

“Love Is A First” – The Tragically Hip

“Ripped Knees” – No Age

“Summer’s End” – Foo Fighters

“Everything I Do” – Whiskeytown

“Rollercoaster” – M. Ward

“The Ark” – Dr. Dog

“So Says I” – The Shins

“Blue Ridge Mountains” – Fleet Foxes

“Answering Machine” – The Replacements


Until next time (and there will be one!), so long.


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